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New All The Way Up Partnership with Essex County Correctional Facility for GED Classes

All The Way Up Adult Education Center is partnered with the Essex County Correctional Facility(ECCF) to provide one-on-one GED preparation courses to individuals with justice system involvement. 


All The Way Up Adult Education Center is a mission- and service-based Newark nonprofit focused on providing GEDs to the greater Newark area through a dedicated team of volunteer tutors and part-time staffers. Our network of volunteers allows for one-on-one tutoring that can meet the needs of each student as an individual. 


We have been working within Essex County and Newark since 2016 to provide the tools and resources to help New Jerseyans get the education they deserve and empower them to create the life they want for themselves.


The goal of the partnership between All The Way Up and the Essex County Correctional Facility is to create more opportunities for justice-involved individuals, which will allow them more financial stability and structure. The partnership also includes GD Correctional Services, Essex County College, and Brenshirer Technical Institute to create robust training programs that will help residents of ECCF reintegrate into our communities and give them an edge in the job market. 


“The biggest challenge many of our inmates face is reintegrating successfully into the community after they are released from our custody. Having marketable job skills and providing opportunities to enhance their education will help our inmates overcome obstacles, allow them to become self-supportive and independent, and help guide them down a path away from crime.” - Ronald L. Charles, Director


Avoiding recidivism is the top priority of the corrections facility. As such, they are working hard to ensure that their residents can walk out of the facility with training, certificates, and experience they will carry their whole lives. In addition, our GED program will allow students to receive their high school diploma, making them more competitive in the job market. 


Volunteers will aid our GED instructor with students twice a week to ensure they can have the best possible experience as they work hard to pass their GED exams. Interested volunteers can email for more info.


“Getting a GED opens up a new world of opportunity for our students. The people we help here will have access to better jobs, improved financial health, and be able to contribute to their community upon their release,” said Christopher Harlow-Jennings, Executive Director of the All the Way Up Adult Education Center.

News Articles on the New Programs and Partneship

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