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New Job Center Open House

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

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Last year All The Way Up was awarded a grant from St. Luke’s to fund our new Job Readiness Pro-gram and set up a new Job Center onsite. This program was conceived to present classes and sem-inars to our students and members of the community who want to plan for “what’s next” after they pass the GED exam.

Guest speakers presented workshops on resumes, cover letters, workplace communication, and other important issues for helping students get and retain a job.

Guest speakers presented on the following topics: navigating the job-search process, writing a cover letter and résumé, professionalism in the workplace, self-motivation and relationship build-ing, and effective workplace communication skills. These workshops were a great success and our students felt supported and empowered by the new skills they learned.

In late November, we launched our new Job Center with an open house that included opportunities for everyone present to receive one-on-one coaching in career visioning, preparing a resume, and participating in a mock interview. Several volunteers have past experience in human resources which proved to be useful for our students. One of our tutors is graduate student in the Rutgers Newark Business School and helped the staff prepare worksheets for the career visioning aspect of the workshop.

We are happy to report that after the success of this new program, we are planning new seminars for 2020. Check our website for details.

All The Way Up is a mission-based organization that relies on dedicated volunteer tutors to meet our students where they are and help them achieve their educational dreams. We are grateful to the people of St. Luke’s for supporting us this year as we added this new and crucial program to our class offerings.

We hope you will visit soon and see how All The Way Up is changing lives as we provide accessible education to underserved adults in Newark.

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