COVID-19 Response

Our GED and ABE Classes have moved to our new Online Learning Platform through 2020.

Students can attend class and work with Tutors one-on-one via Zoom, Google Meet, and FaceTime.

More information is available to those who register for class.

To many of our students, education is a life and death matter. A better education means a higher-paying job and creates long-term financial stability for the student’s family. All The Way Up (ATWU) has proven success with a personalized training model for adult students who have otherwise been left behind.

Thirty percent of Newark’s 285,000 residents have not achieved a high school diploma. Many of the new career-oriented jobs being created in the Newark area require education at or beyond a high school diploma. Most ATWU students are from minority and immigrant communities who have been denied access to higher education, especially our female students. ATWU provides small-group tutoring with volunteer tutors, achieving about a 50% student retention rate, a much higher rate than in most large-class educational models.

As a mission and service-based organization, we continue to pursue new partnerships with community organizations and funders that will directly improve the educational outcomes of our students. We are committed to addressing the systemic educational problems faced by underserved adult students.

“The teachers made learning so much fun and very awesome. I learned way more here than I did in high school, and I enjoyed having the time to understand the new material. I plan on using everything I learned in the outside world. All The Way Up pushed me to better myself and not to give up on anything. Everyone believes in me.” – All The Way Up Student

Our Mission

All The Way Up Adult Education Center (ATWU) is a mission and service-based organization that empowers adult learners in Newark, NJ and greater Essex County through individualized training in GED/HSE Test Preparation, Adult Basic Education (ABE), English as a Second Language (ESL), and Job Readiness Skills. We partner with community organizations, granters, and individual donors to directly improve the educational outcomes of our students throughout Essex County.


Our Vision

All The Way Up envisions a world where people come together to inspire each other to take risks and do something big, co-creating a community where each person is living and working to their full potential.

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