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Our Impact

All The Way Up is working hard to provide crucial educational opportunities for adult learners whose needs were not met by conventional educational paths. An individual’s level of educational attainment is directly tied to their financial and professional opportunities, and thus the economic development of families and the community as a whole. By helping our students get their GED/High School Equivalency Certification, All The Way Up provides them with an essential stepping stone for financial stabilization and increased civic participation: a high school education. With the help of other organizations and foundations we can make bold long-term changes in the lives of our students and their families. 


Not only do we prepare students to take their High School Equivalency Exam, but we also focus on teaching skills that are applicable to everyday life. Our students ultimately leave our program better prepared to get higher-paying jobs, improve their financial health, and become more interactive members of their communities. Our long-term vision is to "put ourselves out of business" by helping the most possible adults get a high school education. We see a future where only a small anomaly of adults in Newark lack a high school education, instead of the current 23%.


Measuring Our Success

We track student's progress in terms of grade level improvement by using the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems (CASAS) at the beginning and end of each semester. This exam allows us to see the academic improvements of our students and helps us to understand what areas students might need to focus on more with their tutors and instructors. Increased enrollment and retention are ongoing evaluative metrics we use to ensure we are meeting the needs of our students. Our programs are evaluated quarterly against our strategic plan for the organization, and operations are modified accordingly. Program success is also measured by increased volunteer hours from tutors, which we track using weekly check-ins and form submissions. 

Additionally, we help our students create SMART Goals as another way of helping students measure and achieve small successes while they work toward the larger goal of earning their GED.  At the beginning of each semester, students attend an orientation meeting with their tutor or another member of All The Way Up’s staff to set and record SMART Goals. A SMART goal is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Throughout the semester, the student and their tutor will work together to ensure that they are not only working towards their goals but are achieving their goals. When a student achieves a personal goal—anything from getting a driver's license, helping their children with their math homework, learning their multiplication tables, or passing the GED exam—the tutor reports the goal achievement to staff through an online form. We want to not only congratulate the student but record the achievement for internal record-keeping purposes.


T.W. had taken a break from classes to work, but during the pandemic, she was laid off from her job. She spent the time off with us to study and pass the GED test last Spring. T.W. was one of the first students to take the GED virtually and pass her test during the pandemic. Several others have followed in her footsteps.

High Five without Hands

A.C. successfully completed his high school diploma requirements after excelling on his Social Studies exam in early April. He came back to get his GED after his kids graduated from college. Now that he has his diploma, he is applying to culinary schools with the hope of instructing other young chefs. He eventually wants to open his own bakery. 


C.C.: "Thanks to All The Way Up and everyone's determination to help, I am now pursuing my dream career in veterinary school. I attribute my success to the organization's comprehensive support and the accessibility to online tutoring that perfectly suited my needs."

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